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FPGA Design Services

Are you going to outsourcing of FPGA design?

We have many experiences with LSI and FPGA design.

Don’t worry, We have many expert engineers.

We can offer our service from everywhere!

  • Device, Pin specification study
  • IP Selection
  • RTL Design(Verilog、VHDL、SystemVerilog), SystemC Design, C design
  • Test Bench Creation
  • LINT、CDC verification
  • Simulation (VCS, Xcelium, Questa, ModelSIM)
  • FPGA implementation (logic synthesis, high-level synthesis, place and route)
  • Evaluation of actual equipment
  • Other
    1. Software Design
    2. FPGA porting (FPGA replacement, merging, partitioning)
    3. Defect analysis, correction, etc.

We have many experiences variety of interfaces, functions, devices.

  • Video/Image Interface: LVDS, V-by-One
  • High-speed serial: USB, PCI Express, EtherNet, MIPI, JESD204B
  • CPU: ARM, RISC-V, MicroBlaze, Nios
  • Memory: DDR2/3/4, LPDDR3/4
  • Devices: XILINX (CPLD/FPGA), INTEL (CPLD/FPGA), Lattice, Effinix

Please feel free to contact us for any other problems you may have.

  • You want to outsource the entire FPGA design.
  • You would like a proposal for replacing FPGAs that have become difficult to obtain due to discontinuation, disconnection, end of life, etc., with FPGAs that are more readily available.
  • You want to replace, analyze, improve, and reuse design assets.
  • You want to convert your software assets to FPGA.

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