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IoT Sensing platform Tele-Sentient

Tele-Sentient introduction

Following is Tele-Sentient introduction site.

Innovative Sensing platform Tele-Sentient for the trillion sensors era

Tele-Sentient is the Wireless Sensor Network System Platform, which supports most of necessary functions as common libraries such as Sensor Interface, Wireless Communication Interface, Sensed Data Aggregation, and Internet Connection.

Components of Tele-Sentient

Tele-Sentient includes three components.

Currently we are providing Tele-Sentient prototype to business partners.

Tele-Sentient has many valuable features.

  • Efficient power management function for low power operation
  • Developing LSI including Sensor AFE and power management function
  • Long distance wireless communication
  • Sensor plug and play by hardware and software

We will continue to proceed the core technology development of IoT platform toward the trillion sensors era.

User can construct various kind of application using Tele-Sentient platform

About wireless communication, we are using the Sub-GHz 920MHz frequency in Japan.

More than 1km transmission is possible if condition is good and it can be constructed the wide area IoT system and network for both indoor and outdoor.

We have developed and expanded the 920MHz wireless module “CRESSON-MD920” from year 2012, which is certified of technical standard and it has contributed to expand the IoT market in Japan.

Tele-Sentient will also get certification for worldwide area of our target market.

About power control, sensing control, timing control, etc., these technologies are implemented in FPGA hardware and we have already developed the prototype for principal evaluation.

Based on these assets, we will develop the LSI to achieve the ultra-low power and low cost by the collaboration with wireless power transmission, energy harvesting, etc.

User can construct various kind of application using Tele-Sentient platform

Tele-Sentient can apply various kind of applications such as IT agriculture, aquaculture, environmental monitoring, equipment monitoring, factory automation, steel tower, bridge, tunnel, pipe, and can expand the IoT market.

Can be applied to the predictive maintenance applications

Factory equipment, motor, gear, bearing, PLC, manhole, water pipe, air conditioner, railway equipment, etc.,…

The demands of monitoring for various kind of things have increased.

To apply IoT technologies to predictive maintenance, monitoring, sensor data aggregation, and visualization are necessary.

By the Tele-Sentient system, user can construct the following systems easily.

  • Motor, gear, or bearing malfunction detection by using acceleration, vibration, temperature thermistor sensors
  • Fire detection in PLC and machine room by using ambient temperature, CO2 sensors
  • Pipe status monitoring by using pressure, flow sensors
  • Predictive maintenance for air conditioner and factory equipment by using voltage, current, temperature, thermistor sensors

We also have a lot of experiences for analysis technologies like FFT (Fast Fourier Transform), time based analysis, and these can be applied for the malfunction detection.

Tele-Sentient is very effective to apply to predictive maintenance as the IoT application.

We are now developing the simulation technologies based on modeling technologies.

Achieve sensor plug and play

To expand the IoT market, a lot of sensors need to be expanded.

Tele-Sentient make sensor system development easy by sensor plug and play technologies.

For the hardware interface, Sensor-Mate includes the analog and digital interfaces.

Sensor information can be managed by Gateway and can be set and registered by GUI.

We are developing the sensor interface LSI.

NDIR optical sensors (CO2, CH4, SOx, NOx, etc.), resistance, piezoelectric, capacitance, etc., RAW level sensors can be connected to sensor interface LSI.

This LSI includes the ADC and amplifier as AFE (analog front end) and optimize the sensor abilities.

We will contribute to expand multiple kind of sensors by sensing, power management, and sensor plug and play technologies.

Looking for business partners

We look for the partners, like application developer, sensor developer, etc.

We think joint project is effective to generate the customer values using Tele-Sentient.

We would like to create the future society with partners for trillion sensors era.