CM Engineering Co., Ltd To play a role to Contribute to Society and People`s Life To create Best Products and Services with Originality

CM Engineering was established to provide the top level LSI design and verification services and wireless communication systems to customers.

Our high quality and advanced expertise of LSI design and verification technologies have been widely accepted in the market.

Many customers have enjoyed the benefits by our services in the various phase of LSI development.

Our experience in the LSI design and verification can also be utilized in the FPGA development.

We have provided the services of FPGA development to improve the design quality.

We are focusing on the development of the wireless sensor network system platform named "Tele-Sentient".

"Tele-Sentient" has the competitive strengths, such as low power, long distance communication, low cost and low footprint.

We can provide customer value as never before.

In the near future, trillion sensors will be used in the worldwide.

We will be a key player in the wireless sensor network market.

In order to continue to contribute the development of people and society, to continue to propose the future IT systems, CM Engineering will continue to be the best partner of LSI development and wireless communication.