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CM Engineering Integrates SpecInsight Family to Silvaco’s Logic Simulator Silos to Reduce Verification Debug Time

Yokohama, Japan – April 26 2016

CM Engineering Co., Ltd. (“CM Engineering”) and Silvaco Japan Co., Ltd. (“Silvaco”) have announced that the SpecInsight family of products provided by CM Engineering now supports Silvaco’s logic simulator Silos.

The SpecInsight family product SpecInsight-TEX provided by CM Engineering newly supports Silvaco’s Verilog logic simulator Silos, thereby making it possible to automatically generate execution scripts for Silos and test benches that can be simulated with Silos. By adding a function to link Silos with SpecInsight-TEX, which automatically generates test benches and verification scenarios, from timing charts created for specifications, the user receives the following benefits:

・The function for automatically generating verification data from a SpecInsight-TEX timing chart and Silos’ exceptional debugging functionality make it possible to reduce by 50% or more the TAT from verification environment construction through confirmation of simulation results, thus greatly contributing to a reduction in LSI/FPGA development times.

・The output of test benches generated by SpecInsight-TEX can be automatically checked. Combining this with the syntax check function and code coverage function of Silos makes it possible to perform high quality design in a short period of time, and thus contributes to both reducing costs and improving the design quality of the final product for customers.

Sanae Saito, General Manager of the Design and Verification Services Department of CM Engineering, stated, “The Silos simulator provided by Silvaco boasts many actual achievements and provides exceptional cost effectiveness. Silos has a rich GUI debugging environment, is easy to use and provides high performance, which will provide a more efficient design flow and greatly contribute to improving productivity for the customers of the SpecInsight family of products.”

Silvaco’s General Manager Yoshiharu Furui stated, “The SpecInsight family of products provided by CM Engineering are quite exceptional design tools that effectively tie together specifications and design environments. By using the SpecInsight family of products, existing Silos customers will be freed from the tasks performed manually up to now and will be able to perform their design work efficiently. I am confident that the benefits that can be obtained from both tools will be very useful in terms of design quality for customers.”

CM Engineering’s SpecInsight family of products were developed based on the concept of achieving RTL quality improvements at the initial design stage and striving for final product design quality improvements and reductions in development TAT and costs by automatically generating data necessary for design and verification from specification information. SpecInsight-TEX is a tool for generating, from a timing chart created in a specification, scripts to be executed by a test bench or simulator for simulation purposes.
For details about the SpecInsight family of products, please refer to:

Silvaco’s Silos product is an easy-to-use Verilog HDL IEEE1364-2001 compliant Verilog simulator. Silos is an industry standard tool used by a multitude of designers.
For details on Silos, please see

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